Pastors, Our Greatest Entrepreneurs

A new book for America’s business leaders, by best-selling author and serial entrepreneur, Tom Freiling.

About the Book
The four hardest leadership jobs in America: President of the United States, President of a University, CEO of a hospital, and a pastor.

I can attest to Drucker’s statement, having worked with and for pastors and church leaders for nearly 30 years. Pastors are expected to be the CEO, vision-caster, Counselor in Chief, and fundraiser extraordinaire. They are scrutinized and criticized from top to bottom, always cash-crunched, and they lead underpaid staff and ragtag volunteers. It’s like herding cats. Even the best entrepreneurs in business would be hard-pressed to compete with what a pastor has to do. Yet, pastors are able to build strong, vibrant, and life-changing organizations from the ground-up.

What can today’s business leaders learn from pastors? This book explores and reveals 21 distinct lessons all entrepreneurs can learn from pastors, and includes interviews with America’s leading pastors and church leaders who share their amazing strengths and strategies, and how they built and grew their thriving organizations.”

In writing this book, I am speaking with and interviewing key pastors, asking them questions like:
  • What leadership lessons have you learned as a pastor?
  • What's the secret to recruiting volunteers to grow your organization?
  • How do you harness and leverage creativity?
  • What advice would you give a start-up organization?
  • How do you deal with setbacks?
As a successful book publisher and entrepreneur, I'm using my background and experience in business to teach others what pastors know about building and growing successful organizations.
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